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    5G: interconnection of all things, the right way to open the future

    5G is striding toward the pre-commercial phase: as of January 23, 2019, the third phase of 5G testing has been basically completed, and the base station and core network equipment have met the pre-commercial requirements; globally, 5G services in some countries have already been opened to some regions and some users.

    At present, the world's major telecom operators have entered a critical stage of 5G deployment competition, and China's 5G deployment is steadily advancing. As an indispensable part of 5G network construction, optical fiber cable is expected to be accompanied by the rise of 5G network construction in the future with promising prospects.

    Recently, the three major domestic operators are gradually working on 5G. Changfei Company, as an important part of the industrial chain, provides a complete set of load-bearing solutions for 5G applications with high bandwidth, low latency and Dalian connection. The solution takes backbone, metropolitan area and access as the context, from wired to wireless, from urban to rural areas, covering a variety of 5G application scenarios. In order to meet the demand of high bandwidth, Changfei's new optical fiber G.654.E can effectively extend the transmission distance between non-relay stations, reduce the number of relay stations, and reduce the overall construction and operation and maintenance costs in the transmission of ultra-high speed 400G system. For the wireless base station side, Changfei provides a new multi-mode scheme and optoelectronic composite cable scheme to meet the requirements of wireless access in 5G network.

    Adhering to the mission of "Wisdom Connecting Better Life", Changfei Company, as the industry leader, will join hands with industry partners to build an information ecology and share a new future of interconnection of all things!